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High quality design is an extremely important factor in any business marketing strategy. 

And if you’re looking for ways to increase your design output in the most effective way to meet your brand’s needs, you’ll need to make some big decisions when sourcing the talent to produce the goods. 

According to Sweor, a whopping 94% of a potential customer or client’s first impressions on your website (positive or negative) come from design elements. 

So yes, design is a big deal.

In-house graphic designers or design agencies: which do you need?

Whether you’re looking for digital design, print, UX, video, illustration or animation to elevate your brand message, knowing where to invest your money to get the best results can be overwhelming. 

Outsourcing one-off design tasks to graphic design freelancers or marketing freelancers can be a viable short-term option, for fresh perspective and fast turnover, but when assessing the longevity of your design goals, hiring designers that come with a longer-term commitment to your business is a wise (and strategic) move.

Pros and Cons: Hiring in-house graphic designers or outsourcing to design agencies

Hiring a full time, in-house designer


  • Commitment to your vision. Direct hires should already align with your business values and team members, thanks to the hiring (and in-house training) process.
  • Reliable brand —and customer— knowledge. They’re on the ground, working directly with multiple people within your organization, meaning, less direction over time to produce an on-brand design.
  • High brand loyalty. This leads to a higher sense of ownership and pride over the work they produce, which will be reflected in its quality.


  • Hiring designers in the United States takes time. From writing the job spec to recruiter advertisements, assessing resumes, and multiple interviews, hiring direct takes 36 days on average. And with the salary of a graphic designer in the United States, according to Glassdoor, averaging $48,561 per year, it can be costly.
  • Skillset restrictions. The chances of your new hire being able to work on all of the varying design tasks you need are slim. If you need video, photo retouching, and graphic design skills, you may need to hire a small team, each with their own salary.
  • Graphic designer jobs in the United States are in high demand. Retention can be tricky when you’ve got fantastic talent but are not able to meet the demands of a scaling, covetable role.

Onboarding large design agencies


  • Measurable, expert knowledge. Creative design agencies focus heavily on results-driven creative design, with experience working to different business goals.  
  • Multiple skills. Large creative agencies have a pool of expert talent, with multiple people specializing in many different areas of design.
  • High-quality design output. Graphic design agencies in the US specialize in designing, so the quality of content each designer will produce should (usually) be of excellent standard.


  • High expense. Design agency rates in the United States vary but expect to pay up to and above $100 per hour for a respected team. Plus, contracts can often be long and complicated to define, meaning unexpected hidden fees in some cases. 
  • You’re not their only client. Large-scale design agencies work with a number of clients at any one time, so you might not always be the top priority for turnover of work. 
  • Briefing a team. Getting multiple people aligned with your vision is an important step, but a timely one that will require resources and commitment on your end.


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The secret weapon for your design needs: Design Force 

If you’re looking for more flexibility across multiple design projects, an on-demand design agency like Design Force will save you time and money. Thanks to a subscription-based model that allows you to work smarter without sacrificing the goals of your business. 

Design force is the best of all worlds:

  • Commitment to your bigger picture and long-term goals that you’d get from hiring in-house
  • The fresh-perspective and on-demand attention you’d get from a freelancer
  • Plus the expert knowledge and skill you’d find in larger creative design agencies
  • No hidden fees. No drawn-out onboarding processes.

Design Force is a time-efficient model

Let’s look specifically at our Marketing Design Plan as an example. When you choose this plan, you’ll be assigned 45 hours of dedicated design work to complete what you need. 

What can we achieve in 45 hours?

Say you need mostly banner ad design, you can expect up to 15 banner ad designs by the end of your subscription. 

Or if it’s social media graphics you’re after, we can produce up to 22 top-quality graphics or templates within that time. 

And if you need more than one design type? Not a problem, you can mix and match your requirements to fill your allotted time frame, as long as they fall under the options of your subscription.

This capacity is clear from the start, so there are no hidden surprises.

You’ll get a dedicated Design Manager to oversee your project and coordinate with designers. Plus, an eagle-eyed Creative Director to ensure the quality meets our highest standards and more importantly, your creative needs.

This means onboarding would only take one day. 

That’s 36x faster than the average time to hire in-house. 

Design force’s team of designers are highly skilled across all areas of design

We’re incredibly proud of the world-class designers within our teams,each of them selected and trained by an award-winning design and branding agency in California. With Design Force, you’ll gain instant access to designers with specialist skills, without the need to brief each one. 

All of that is handled by your Design Manager. You brief one person, they’ll take care of the rest by assigning the right designers for the job.

With competitive pricing options, you’ll know exactly what you can get from Design Force’s skilled designers, and when

If we look at the Marketing Design Plan again, you’ll get a monthly 45 hours of dedicated design work each month you subscribe, costing you $1,950. 

That works out to $40 per hour.n.

For the same amount of billable hours:

  • A freelancer, averaging at $60 per hour, could cost you $32,400 per year
  • A large scale agency, averaging at $100 per hour, could cost you $45,000 and upwards
  • Or in-house, we’ve seen that the average salary will set you back $48,561 per year

Even at our highest tier subscription plan, at $3,450 for 85 hours per month, you can break it down to just $43 per hour. 

That’s just $41,400 per year if you subscribed every month, compared to $61,200 for a freelancer based on the same number of hours designing. 

High quality design at a fraction of the cost. It’s a no-brainer.

For more information on exactly what you can achieve with our subscription plans, talk to us today.

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Stay updated on business design trends and receive weekly marketing and design content when you join our community!

Get your free design insights

Stay updated on business design trends and receive weekly marketing and design content when you join our community!

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