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The Best Facebook Ad Examples That Actually Work (And Why)

facebook ad examples

With 2.7 billion active monthly users worldwide, Facebook is a platform that businesses can’t ignore if they want to reach as many people as possible. It can be hard to stand out though when there are 10 million active advertisers on Facebook.

Let’s take a look at the following effective Facebook ad examples for practical lessons on designing clickable Facebook ads.

1. Soylent

Source: Medium 

This meal replacement product ad shows a variety of Soylent flavors customers can choose from. The copy is a straightforward list of benefits with a check emoji to make the positive message pop.

What You Can Apply

  • Keep it simple — Facebook mobile users spend about 1.7 seconds on content, while desktop users spend about 2.5 seconds. That little time means Facebook ads should be instantly readable. 
  • Emphasize the customer — The ad is directed at the reader with its second-person POV. It centers the customer, telling them they benefit from this product (“keep your tongue happy”, “mix up your meals”).

2. Slack

Source: Wordstream

This ad for work chat platform Slack makes fun of a work problem in a visually playful, attention-grabbing way. This is one of best facebook ads examples, as it’s a great juxtaposition of a workplace issue that many find annoying with meme-friendly imagery.

What You Can Apply

  • Tickle customers’ imagination — Some of the good Facebook ad examples demand attention by having a unique graphic and copy that makes people laugh. Get your customers to imagine how they would feel upon using your product.
  • Align your tagline and CTA — “Make Work Better” fits with the fun, idealistic tone of the ad, but because this ad is more about evoking emotion, the CTA “Learn More” is more appropriate than immediately directing people to get the product. CTA buttons boost ad click-through rate 2.85 times, so get this right for maximum value.

3. Boston Sports Clubs

Source: Hubspot

Notice the Facebook ad text examples in this photo for Boston Sports Clubs. This close-up of a boxer in training makes it instantly apparent to Facebook users that the ad is for a gym membership, even if their eyes go past the text and straight to the image first. The woman’s eyes also do a good job of leading people’s attention to the actual offer on the right.

It’s also important to recognize the text preceding the picture says exactly what the offer is, which is then reiterated in the picture and added on to in the CTA. 

What You Can Apply

  • Use bold elements — Everything from the picture to the colors to the typography to the message demands customers to take notice.
  • Offer something valuable with urgency — The limited-time $5 offer and free membership for an entire year is hard to pass up, especially when underscored by the CTA to “Hurry”. Note that throughout our list of great Facebook ad examples, you’ll see CTAs that add elements of urgency in their offers.

4. HelloFresh

Source: Ad Espresso

If you’re looking for Facebook app ads examples, this is one of the best. One advantage of advertising on Facebook is that you can showcase a variety of products all at once with just one ad in the carousel format. HelloFresh puts on display the different meals customers can make with food kits using mouth-watering photographs. 

What You Can Apply

  • Use high-quality images — Eye-popping pictures make your ad stand out and get Facebook users to stop scrolling through their feeds. HD photos are particularly good for products where you want to show off details such as with food items. 
  • Empower your audience — This ad demonstrates the great dishes customers can cook up with HelloFresh’s food kits. Show what your target audience can achieve using your product instead of trying to explain it with lengthy ad copy. 

5. Allbirds

Source: Medium

Shoe brand Allbirds accomplishes multiple goals with this holiday ad. It starts off with a customer quote to signal trust to anyone who sees the ad. It’s tied into the occasion when the ad was live—from the copy to the imagery—making it highly relevant for the season. 

It also directly states the benefit of owning a pair, citing the comfort the shoes provide. It even outlines the time-limited but customer-friendly return policy, anticipating potential concerns when it comes to giving gifts.

What You Can Apply

  • Make your ad relevant — Whether it’s for a particular holiday or a specific niche, your ad should be able to resonate with the needs and wants of your target audience. 
  • Establish trust 94% of consumers are more likely to trust a business with positive reviews. Include a customer testimonial in your Facebook ad if it fits to increase the chance of users feeling safe about engaging with your product.

Employ Facebook Ad Best Practices

Advertising on Facebook is a hyper-competitive scene where attention is at a premium. Use these successful Facebook ad examples to illuminate the best ways you can design your business’ Facebook ads for an effective social media marketing campaign.

If you feel better about letting the professionals handle your Facebook ad designs, contact Design Force for on-demand design services and social media advertising expertise.

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