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Design Agency vs Design Force

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Agencies set industry standards for design services with well-staffed creative teams and plentiful resources. They may seem the obvious choice for outsourcing design, but any discerning business owner considers more than just output for their design projects.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of working with a design agency, and see if there’s a better option for businesses looking to grow.

Pros and Cons of Hiring A Design Agency


  • Experienced and results-driven — Agencies understand the complexities of operating a business, so they are heavily motivated to deliver measurable results with their creative design work.
  • Breadth and depth of talent — You’ll find multiple specialists for different areas of design in large agencies. There is no need to look for individual designers when you have various design projects.
  • Reliably excellent quality — Graphic design agencies in the US boast excellence in their particular specialization. Based solely on quality, you can’t go wrong with established agencies. 


  • Sky-high rates — Prepare to be charged at least $100 an hour or more when working with proven design agencies. There’s also the issue of lengthy and complicated contracts with hidden fees that can quickly drain your budget.
  • Divided attention — Respected agencies have multiple clients, and you’re bound to compete for their attention with big-name businesses that tend to get top priority.
  • Slow briefings — Aligning designers with your vision takes time and resources when partnering with big design agencies where you have to brief large teams. 

Pros and Cons of a Flexible and Scalable Solution Like Design Force


  • Great value for money — You can get agency-level quality design work within reasonable timelines without having to pay premium prices.
  • Wide talent pool — Multiple graphic designers are available to take on multiple projects, and you don’t have to shoulder the costs of hiring and managing each one.
  • Open to any number of tasks — There are no hard limitations for how much work you can assign. Scalable solutions mean 100% commitment to finishing as many or as few tasks as required.
  • Outsourced project management — Delegate the nitty-gritty of design production to an external team with a dedicated project design manager that can execute on your vision independently, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
  • Controlled spending — Unlike with most big agencies where you can get locked into long contracts with fixed terms, you have the option to control your expenses by only paying for the design services that you need.
  • A different angle — Your current design strategy might not be working for reasons that aren’t apparent from your business’s perspective. Get the design shake-up you need when you have an innovative agency handling your design projects.


  • Reliant on your vision — While you don’t have to worry about production and management, you still have to provide the overall direction for your project to get started.
  • Unfamiliarity with your branding — Make sure to provide branding guidelines from the beginning so that important details like tone, color palette, and slogans are integrated properly.

Comparison Table

Design CapabilitiesHiring A Design AgencyWorking With Design Force
Work With Highly-Skilled Designers 
Get Consistent Quality 
Results-Driven Design
Give You A Fresh Perspective On Your Design Direction
Lower Costs
No Lock-in Contracts
Open to Any Number of Tasks
Get A Dedicated Project Design Manager to Oversee The Process

The Design Force Solution

There’s no doubt that top design agencies have earned their reputation with their stellar output. However, their premium rates and fixed contracts price out most businesses, and there’s no guarantee they’ll prioritize your projects. 

Design Force delivers the high-quality design that agencies promise—this time, on your company’s terms. 

You don’t have to go over budget and work within rigid contracts to get excellent results for your design projects. At Design Force, we have innovated on how design agency services are done with the world’s first subscription-based design concept that empowers clients with the freedom to scale.

This is how it works: You hand over every production-based design task to our expert team, and a dedicated design manager will see to it that each deliverable is done exactly to your specifications within the set timeline. Our services are scalable and on-demand, so you can ramp up or slow down production at any time to meet your requirements.

Scale your business with the help of our groundbreaking, award-winning design services. Get in touch with us today.

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Get your free design insights

Stay updated on business design trends and receive weekly marketing and design content when you join our community!

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