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Why Subscription Billing is the Future of Agencies, Businesses, and More

subscription-based services for agencies and businesses

Businesses with subscription billing grew revenues by 350% from 2012 to 2019. Consumers have clearly taken to this business model, as evidenced in the massive popularity of streaming platforms like Netflix and Spotify, as well as food services like Blue Apron and HelloFresh. But will these numbers translate to graphic design subscription as well?

At Design Force, we believe that this is the future of agencies and businesses at large. In this article, we’ll discuss why you should pay attention to this growing trend of subscription based website design.

The Benefits of a Subscription-Based Business 

More agencies are adopting a scalable subscription plan page design due to the following benefits:

1.  Provide More and Better Services

Subscription-based businesses enjoy the benefits of having a captive audience who regularly pay for access to their products or services. While this is instrumental to an organization generating a more stable cash flow, it also provides benefits for the end-clients.

It gives businesses the opportunities to provide more and better services to keep clients happy, which are often packaged in several pricing tiers. With standard packages, your business operations become more efficient and manageable, allowing you the bandwidth to provide better quality assurance and guarantee a higher quality of work. 

2. More Convenient Client Experience

As businesses start to bounce back from the blows of the pandemic, subscription billing is one way that introduces a more convenient and manageable service to potential clients budget-wise. During times of crisis, clients naturally tend to look for solutions that are more accessible. Compared to the costs of working with a traditional agency with a fixed monthly contract and often with a cancelation clause, a cheaper monthly subscription package design or other services becomes more attractive.

This is one of the reasons why we started offering a subscription-based website design service. Our clients’ subscriptions can be canceled or upgraded anytime, providing them the financial flexibility that is sorely needed during these unprecedented times—all while still creating top-notch designs that we are widely known for.

Doing business during the pandemic entails a mindset shift into a more customer-centric perspective. Apart from giving clients accessible options, you should also make sure that the entire billing experience is convenient from start until their subscriptions renew. In a subscription system design, you can’t let your billing process sabotage your chances of gaining clients when they are already willing to invest their hard-earned money in your agency.


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3. Increase Client Satisfaction and Loyalty

Clients also enjoy a stronger relationship with agencies that they can stick with, especially on a long-term basis. In fact, one of the pillars of a subscription system design is personalization. To increase retention rates, use data to get a clear picture of what your clients want (e.g. most popular plans, revenue each plan generates, etc). You can then use that information to provide a better experience that caters exactly to your clients, which strengthens your connection in the process.

You can also incentivize your clients to stay through a loyalty program. Leads will also be more easily swayed to sign up for your subscription service for a long period if they know they’ll be rewarded.

With our own shift to a subscription-based model, we found that it’s much easier to develop loyalty when both parties enter a more flexible contract that can potentially last for a long period.

4. Improves Creativity in Providing Services

With this model, the simple comfort agencies get from having a steady flow of income doesn’t just help with efficiency. Companies have more bandwidth to get creative with campaigns when there is no need to worry about stretching resources to make it to the next project.

This newfound creativity brought by transitioning to a subscription business manifests in both tangible and intangible ways. Higher revenue allows for bigger budgets to increase the production value of every project, while the talent can have more room to come up with innovative ideas and execute on the vision perfectly.

Moving to a Subscription Billing

These benefits are the driving force behind our own move to a subscription-based website design service. We want to be able to provide better quality services to our clients and make sure their experience working with us is nothing short of stellar. Our flexible subscription plans also allow our clients to scale as much and as fast as they want or only pay for what they need within a given timeframe.

If you want to stay competitive in this subscription-dominated future, you are going to need flexible design solutions that can keep pace. Our design on subscription services can help you say yes to more clients, even as you make the transition. Get in touch with us today.

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