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Increase Your Conversions: 6 Tips For Landing Page Design

landing page design tips

A well-designed landing page is a powerful tool to generate conversion from your ideal client or customer. When done successfully, landing pages provide the reader with one specific choice and make it irresistible for them not to take action.

A landing page is an independent, single web page designed to get the viewer to complete one specific action.

For example, you may find landing pages that: 

  • Encourage email subscription sign ups (also referred to as a squeeze page)
  • Deliver a lead magnet in exchange for user data
  • Offer a limited discount on a product or service (for example, Black Friday)
  • Promote a new product or service with a CTA (call to action) to purchase
  • Encourage webinar registration 

And more. Your landing page needs to draw in the attention of your customer or client, retain the attention, then convince them to take action. So how do you do that? That’s where strategic design comes in.

How to design: Good landing page design tips

Determine the CTA

Before you start designing your landing page, it’s vital to understand what the action is that you want the viewer to take. 

The key here is to only choose one. A landing page is a highly specific page, so every element within the design needs to lead to one single destination with no other distraction.

The copy you use comes into play here, so make sure to work with a skilled conversion copywriter to provide you with the words needed to convince your audience to take action. The visual design will capture the attention, but the copy will cement the reaction.

This example clearly shows one single action: SIGN UP FOR FREE

There is no other choice, so the viewer has the decision to sign up, or leave.

Think strategically about your colors

In research from Chart Mogul, 51.3% of landing page CTA buttons from SaaS companies were green. Green is a positive, inviting color that is associated with wealth. It’s also the easiest color for our eyes to process, according to SEO mogul, Neil Patel

Now, we’re not suggesting that all CTA buttons must be green to be successful, but consider using a high contrasting color to make your CTA buttons stand out as the only clear next step for the viewer. Colors can have a unique effect on human decision, so it’s worth checking out the psychology behind your color choice before you hit publish.

Most importantly here though, don’t stray too far from your brand colors. The overall page needs to be consistent with your branding in order to leverage customer recognition. 

Consider the UX and UI of the page

Like AirBnB did in this example, designing an interactive and user-friendly landing page will increase your chances of conversion. Why? Because it makes the page feel personalized to the viewer. 

To make your landing page design successful, it’s important that the UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) work together. 

Design Force’s Creative Director UX, Frederic, said: “UX is the process of solving the problem. UI is the execution of that process. It is like you prepared dough (UX) but you did not bake (UI) it. So, they need to be together. Otherwise, there is no bread.”

A landing page is there to solve a problem for the customer, and like our UI/UX Designer Elein says: “UX and UI should work in close collaboration to make sure that their outputs are moving in the same direction: towards meeting users’ needs.”. 

That need encourages the action in your landing page. 

Less is more

Don’t overdesign. A landing page needs to be highly focused on the end goal, with no distractions. 

By keeping the designed visuals minimal, clear and on-brand, you’ll increase the chances of the customer or client taking action because the information (or buyer’s journey) is clear.

Take this example. They’ve decided to simply use a plain, black background, keeping the entire focus on the CTA in the center and using a contrasting, green button.

It’s super simple but plays on human emotion without distraction, making you want to click!

Video is paramount 

Hear us out, video content is fast taking over as the most engaging content type there is. 

A landing page with video, animation of moving gifs integrated into the design can be wildly enticing for the viewer. 

Take this viral landing page from Dollar Shave Club. The simple, focused video and bold ‘Do it’ CTA make this a recipe for success, by leaving no room for fluff. 

Yes, they made it funny, but everything on that page is clear, concise, and directed to one thing: buying your next razor from them.

If not video, photography

Photography is a great design element to use to help transport the viewer into the solution to their problem.

In this example from mattress brand, Casper, they’ve used a wholesome family photograph that evokes a positive emotion. Notice how the people in the photo surround the key information in the center, and that the direction the child is moving naturally directs your eye inward.

They’ve also used clear, simple icons to continue to educate the audience on their award-winning mattress, and use industry logos to add social proof. Everything on this page is angled to get the customer to click the only option: Shop Now.

Are you ready to start designing your most successful landing page yet? We hope these landing page design tips have given you inspiration. 

If this all feels too much right now, we get it. Design Force can be the support you need. When time is of the essence and you need more designers designing, our scalable on-demand subscription can provide you with world-class designers in just one day.

Find out how, book a demo today.

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