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Our new ebook is out! Get a free copy of the Marketing Encyclopedia. Download Now

How Can Startups Benefit From a Remote Design Team?

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A remote design team is the way forward

As a startup, you’ve got a lot to think about. Investment, operations, logistics… the list goes on. But in order to put your best foot forward and give off that (crucial) good first impression, high-quality design work should be a top priority.

You need to look good, cohesive, put together. And your products or services needed to be easy to use. But what if you’re not a designer?

That’s where hiring a remote design team becomes gold dust. It may seem daunting, but if you find the right people, the advantages of remote design teams speak for themselves.

We’re big believers in the benefits of remote working for businesses of all sizes here at Design Force. We love remote working so much that we wrote an entire ebook on the subject so that you can reap those benefits, too.

In this article though, we’ll touch on why design is a vital part of a startup’s success, and then cover how you can benefit from high-quality design work with a remote framework.

Spoiler: it’ll save you money, time, and stress in the long run…

Why strong design is important for startups

Before we dive into the benefits of remote work for companies like startups, let’s asses the value that quality design can bring to your business.

  • As a startup, you may only get one chance to make a first impression. A whopping 94% of first impressions are design related
  • Design visualizes the big picture, the brand –what your customers (or potential investors) see, feel, and experience  
  • Design allows for creative expression, to carve out your space in the marketplace
  • UX and UI design improve customer (or user) experience, which leads to increased conversion and ROI (return on investment)
  • Products and services that look and work well entice people in, and customer acquisition is essential at startup phase
  • Quality design shows you care about the detail that investors and customers want
  • Quality design gives credibility

We could go on but if you need more convincing, we’ve got plenty more insights into why design should be integral to your workflow.

Why hire a dedicated remote team instead of full-time staff?

As a startup, you’ll likely want to:

  • Keep costs low and reduce overheads wherever possible
  • Increase efficiency to scale sustainably and effectively
  • Secure investment or funding in the next round
  • Make the most of (potentially limited) resources

This is where hiring a remote design team can be so transformative: you can keep your commitments and costs lower while raising the profile of your company.

Hiring remotely is walking before you run. It’s smart.

Remotive found over 14,000 startups hiring remotely this year alone, and that’s just in tech. Talent is global, so why restrict yourself to your own zip code?

Let’s look closer.

Reducing costs and overheads

The average in-house designer salary is $70,000 per year. Design freelancers charge around $60 per hour.

With a dedicated remote design team, you benefit from multiple designers working on your business for a set fee, across a specific timeframe. 

Take our Marketing Force package as an example. You’d gain access to a pool of talented designers from around the world, vetted and assigned to you based on your needs and their skill, for as low as $1,950 per month. With the option to turn up or turn down the rate of support you need as your startup scales.

If that were a single freelancer, the 45 monthly hours you get from our remote package would cost you around $2,700 a month. What if you need 4 different designers? We’ll let you do the math. 

This way of hiring has much less risk, too. 

Hiring is a long process at times, so you need to be sure you’re bringing the right people onto your team. Remote design teams require less commitment as you can benefit from designers during the times you need them, and cut back on costs when you don’t. 

Increase efficiency

Imagine increasing your team 5x without the need to pay for additional office space? And increasing your design output 5x in the same timeframe?

More hands on deck mean more output, and designing with remote teams gives you that scalable flexibility

Plus, designers can be situated all over the world so in essence, while one designer sleeps, another in a different timezone can be designing –how’s that for efficiency? 

If you choose to hire a dedicated remote team like our designers at Design Force, you get the added benefit of only needing to deal with one person: your Design Manager

This immediately cuts the time needed to brief and feedback to multiple designers meaning you can focus your time elsewhere, where it’s needed most. You’ve got enough to juggle already, so we manage the designers for you. 

Upskill without risk

Startups typically have limited resources. It’s no easy feat to build a business from scratch, and you’ll likely not have a team member with the capacity to action everything you need to succeed. 

The advantages of remote design teams mean you instantly access the design skills your team may lack. And get the highest quality, too. 

You know that you need to put your best foot forward as a startup to win over the market and gain that investment, so it’s wise to bring in the best of the best to fill in those gaps. 

Hiring a remote team like Design Force is flexible, scalable and cost-effective. Want a piece of the pie? Get in touch with our teams today and you could have a team of highly skilled designers working to bring your startup dreams to life, tomorrow.

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